I've given birth to three children. I've experienced the beauty of holding a new baby in my arms and looking into her eyes for the first time. I know the love of a mother, the love I feel when my heart is going to burst from joy and pride and love.

I was given the gift of experiencing this kind of new birth again today.

Today I met Beatrice, the gorgeous Ugandan child that I sponsor through Children's HopeChest. Today I looked into Beatrice's beautiful, shy eyes for the first time. I held her in my arms and felt my heart swell with love. I know her and she knows me.

Any doubts I might have had about sponsorship were washed away with this first embrace. Sponsorship truly does work. Really, it does. For the cost of 7 Venti Non-Fat Lattes ($34 per month) I get the honor of investing into a hope and a future. Best. Bargin. Ever.

Beatrice lives in a thatched hut like this one. While we talked today she told me that my sponsorship has changed her life. Because of Children's HopeChest Beatrice could return to school and is provided nurishing meals at her Care Point. She shared that she is now excited about her future (she told me she wants to be a nurse!).

After we talked we prayed. Together. I prayed a blessing on her and her family. She prayed a blessing over me, her “American Mother”. And then I cried.

If you've ever thought about sponsoring a child please consider Children's HopeChest. You can learn more about HopeChest sponsorship here and you can also learn more about how a one time donation of $10 can provide much needed, life saving, mosquito nets for the children I am visiting in Uganda.

*** Please ignore my typos. I'm trying to get this posted before the power goes out again (Oh, I love Uganda!) and and posting without proofing :)



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