Best Bibles for Beginners: 7 Great Choices for New Believers

Are you looking for the best Bibles for beginners? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll list 7 great Bibles to check out if you’re new to the Christian faith. We’ll give a brief overview of each to help you decide which one is perfect for you.

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Things to look out for when searching for the best Bibles for beginners

Here are 3 features to keep in mind when finding a suitable Bible to start out with.:

1. Ease of reading

The best Bibles for beginners should use language that is easy to understand. But the translations they offer must also try to stay as faithful as possible to the meaning of the original biblical text (in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek).

Here’s an insightful video on the pros and cons of various Bible translations.

We will recommend the popular Amplified, ESV, NIV, and NLT translations for our list of best Bibles for beginners.

As you grow in your faith, it is good to avoid relying solely on just one translation. Cross-comparisons of versions will reveal even more biblical nuances. Longer-time believers can also consider moving on to reading the King James and New King James Bibles.

2. Helpful beginner-friendly notes

As a new believer, it is fun to read a Bible that includes summaries of key lessons, sidebars with insights, diagrams, and more.

Best Bibles for beginners 1

In short, additional notes will aid you in understanding God’s Word better, keeping you engaged with the main text. They also make the Bible a much less intimidating read.

3. Quality of print

Having a high-quality Bible is important for your reading experience. You’ll want to find a Bible that is durable and has clear fonts.

The pages should also not tear easily so you can flip or even write on them without fear of damage.

Best Bibles for beginners 2

With that said, here are 7 of the best Bibles for beginners!

1. ESV Study Bible

The 5-star reviewed ESV Study Bible is one of the best Bibles for beginners that has sold over 1 million copies.

It contains 20,000+ study notes with more than 200 charts, 240 full-color maps / illustrations, and so much more.

The English Standard Version (ESV) is also a great choice for people who want a readable translation that is also faithful to the original text.

In short, this is a feature-rich Bible that offers new believers tons of easy-to-grasp insights into God’s timeless Word.

2. The Amplified Study Bible

Amplified Study Bible 1

The popular Amplified Bible is a word-for-word translation that adds brackets of explanation to the original text. This can help you better understand what the Bible is saying in all its nuances.

Here’s a visual example.

In addition, this Amplified Study Bible has more than 5000 notes and full-color maps that’ll help to bring each biblical story to life.

Each of the 66 Books in this Bible comes with an introduction that’ll give an overview of what you’ll read. The 10.5-point font size is especially easy on the eyes. There’s also a topical index you can use to quickly find the main biblical themes you’re looking for.

In short, the Amplified Study Bible is among the best Bibles for beginners you can find. Perfect if you’re new to the faith!

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3. NIV Life Application Study Bible

Here’s another great pick for anyone looking for the best Bibles for beginners!

The NIV Life Application Study Bible brims with more than 10,000 notes. These help to relate key Bible lessons to your personal life, helping you live out God’s Word in your day-to-day faith journey.

Best Bibles for beginners 4

In addition, the Bible has over 500 maps and charts to pique your interest. There are also 100+ ‘personality profiles’ that describe important biblical characters in detail.

Simply put, the NIV Life Application Study Bible is a warm invitation for new believers to dive right into God’s Word with confidence.

4. New Believer’s Bible NLT

New Believer's Bible

The New Believer’s Bible is exactly what its title suggests – a great Bible catered to new believers, designed to help them grasp the full beauty of God’s Word.

It has maps, charts, and “Cornerstone Notes” that teach people about the key points of Christianity. This includes the Trinity, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, heaven, angels, and more. “Off & Running Notes” also explain how to apply your faith in practical ways.

In addition, this Bible includes answers to some of the big and difficult questions you will inevitably grapple with. It also includes a “How to Study the Bible” guide that will expand on ways you can better approach your learning.

In short, this is one of the best Bibles for beginners available in the easy-to-read NLT translation.

5. The Woman’s Study Bible NIV

Best Bibles for beginners 5

The Woman’s Study Bible is especially catered to sisters of the faith. With more than 2 million copies sold, it aims to empower women to walk in God’s loving ways as they affirm their identities as Christ-followers.

It includes verse-by-verse study notes, as well as biographical portraits of over 100 women from the Bible. You’ll also find essays written by prominent female experts on philosophy and theology.

Women in God's Word

The Bible features a clear 10.5-point font size for easy reading. There are also tons of full-color family trees, maps, charts, and so much more. Life application notes help women live out godly lives in grace and love.

In short, if you’re a woman new to the Christian faith, look no further than this stunning Bible!

6. Every Man’s Bible NLT

Every Man's Bible

The Every Man’s Bible is written for men of all ages. It help them live fuller lives in Christ by addressing unique challenges they may face in today’s society.

In addition to the main text, thousands of notes address topics such as courage, temptation, and pride. It also features exclusive pointers from prominent Christian male authors, including Stephen Arterburn, Tony Evans, and others.

Every Man 2

Moreover, there are included profiles of great and not-so-great men in the Bible that teach readers how to better walk in God’s ways.

In short, the Every Man’s Bible is easily one of the best Bibles for beginners targeted at Christian men who long to know our heavenly Father’s heart.

7. NIV Teen Study Bible

Best Bibles for beginners 6

Teens today face a unique set of challenges in a very fast-paced world.

This is where the NIV Teen Study Bible comes in. It presents Bible teachings and lessons that are especially helpful for youths. This includes notes on how to deal with issues like bullying, school stress, friendship, love, and more.

Best Bibles for beginners 7

The “We Believe” sections offer great advice on how teens can deepen their faith, based on the Apostles’ Creed. In addition, “Panorama” pages help them see the big picture of each book in the Bible. There are also maps, highlighted verses, and a topical index to aid learning.

In short, the NIV Teen Study Bible is perfect fit for teenagers hungry for God’s Word.

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