What is The Meeting Tent?

The Meeting Tent is a Christian blog that was first launched in December 2021, with Dr. Levan Wee serving as the main writer. He authors original Christian content, aiming to help believers around the world deepen their faith through posts that include Bible verse explanations, prayers for specific occasions, common theological questions, and more.

Levan Wee

Levan Wee

Levan is currently an active member of Salt&Light, a well-known Christian digital ministry based in Singapore. He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Melbourne, specializing in the phenomenology of romantic love. Before joining full-time ministry in February 2021, Levan worked as a social media strategist following his graduation.

Levan lived as an atheist for over 25 years until a series of supernatural encounters with God in August 2020 dramatically transformed his life. His video testimony can be found below. Today, he regularly shares God-focused testimonies on his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Under The Meeting Tent, Levan has also contributed to building a substantial Instagram presence, attracting an active global Christian community.

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Other projects

The Meeting Tent also composes modern Christian songs aimed at directing hearts to Jesus. The worship team, consisting of Levan Wee and Zac Lee – a member of the worship band at Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore – collaborate to create original melodies and lyrics for multi-genre songs. They have recorded alongside notable Christian guest artists such as Miss Lou (Peixin), Sarah X Miracle, and others.

The Meeting Tent’s debut single, ‘Galaxy’, was released on December 25th, 2021, and is available on all major music platforms.

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