Hello, you! Thanks for wanting to support our music ministry.

The Meeting Tent (that’s us!) is made up of Levan Wee and Zac Lee. We love writing & releasing original Christian pop rock songs about JESUS.

As musicians (Levan / Zac) and a social media strategist (Levan), we’re so excited to glorify the LORD’s name across the digital globe!

Here’s a lyric video of our first-ever self-released single, ‘GALAXY’, which dropped on 23 Dec 2021Also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major music streaming platforms.

‘GALAXY’ also features contributions from other Christian songwriters & musicians, including Sarah X. Miracle, Miss Lou, Kevin Lam (Awaken Generation), Christal J. Kuna, and Daniel Chia. We love working with others!

We warmly welcome you to join us on our journey to:

  • Release many more new Christian songs that boldly declare the name of JESUS – mixed with unique and fresh artistic visuals!
  • Grow and support a global family of believers who desire to put GOD first in their lives (check out our 20,000+ strong community so far).
  • Create other viral Christian content (videos, prayer cards, devotionals, blog posts, etc.) that help believers keep their faith strong through thick and thin. Via relatable messages, we also hope to let pre-believers know more about JESUS (view some of our shared content here and here).

Why your contribution really matters.

Your financial support means so much to us! Every dollar blesses us with the chance to create even more original Christian music, viral faith content, and community activities – globally, non-stop!

We pray to inspire people around the world to always turn to GOD as they declare “His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!” (Psalm 96:3; also Matthew 24:14)

Any contribution you make will help to:

How The Meeting Tent started.

Once an atheist for 25+ years, Levan first encountered God’s Holy Spirit in August 2020. This physical supernatural experience turned his life (and worldview!) inside out. Levan soon after accepted JESUS as his Lord and Savior (read his testimony here).

In Feb 2021, by God’s leading, Levan enrolled in YWAM’s Discipleship Training School in Singapore. That’s when he first met Zac!

After a series of spiritual confirmations, we began writing contemporary Christian songs together, building on our past experiences as long-time musicians. We also prayed for the blessed chance to spread the LORD’s glory to others through the songs we write.

This songwriting process gave rise to The Meeting Tent – our collective expression of faith, music, and visual creativity that seek to go beyond traditional Christian sounds & aesthetics.

We’re now in the midst of writing even more original songs that’ll showcase exciting (and unexpected!) collabs with other Christian talents.

How to send us your love gift.

Thanks SO MUCH for reading this far – and for any support you can offer! We’re very grateful.

You can make your one-time love-gift to us via Paypal or PayNow (for Singaporeans). Click or scan the link of your choice below.

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We pray you’ll decide to support our growing community of Tenters!

God bless you. May the LORD guide you in every step of your faith-filled life. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.