3 Powerful Prayers for JAPAN (Praying for a Nation to Receive Lord Jesus)

Japan is one of the most famous nations in the world. The country is rooted in ancient cultural traditions, but has also become a modern marvel with many incredibly talented citizens. However, today, only a mere 1-1.5% of the Japanese population has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Thus, in this post, we offer 3 prayers for Japan to ask God to spread the Gospel into the hearts of its people. These prayers include:

  1. A prayer for all Japanese people as a nation.
  2. Prayer for Japanese Christians to spread the Gospel to other citizens.
  3. Prayer for a personal Japanese friend to know Jesus.

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Feel free to repeat these prayers aloud or in your heart. Let us all humbly ask God to bless Japan with a powerful move of His Holy Spirit, opening the nation to receiving Christ.

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3 Prayers for Japan to Receive Jesus as Lord and Savior

Here are three prayers for Japan that all believers can give to God, in humility and love.

1. A prayer for all Japanese people as a nation.

Praying for a nation

“Dear heavenly Father, thank You for Japan, a nation blessed with many talented Japanese persons who have shared their rich culture with the world. Thank You for all the wonderful Japanese friends I have met along the way, who have filled my life with many precious memories.

Lord, I also pray for You to show mercy to the Japanese people. You are our Almighty God whose judgment is always righteous and just. All of us deserve punishment for our sins. However, as John 3:16 says, by Your loving grace You have chosen to bless us with Your one and only son Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, so that all who believe in him can enjoy everlasting life with You in heaven.

Prayers for Japan 3

Thus, Father, please release a powerful move of Your Holy Spirit in Japan, so that more can be saved in Christ!

For I know only You are able to break every spiritual stronghold, principality, and power of the enemy! Dear God, please remove all these blockages that keep many Japanese persons from knowing Your eternal Truth; the Truth of Your Word, and the atonement of Your blessed Son.

By Your mercy, I also humbly pray for the Japanese people to be freed. Turn them away from worshipping false ‘gods’ and all abominable idolatry in Your eyes. In addition, I pray it is Your will to remove the evil snares of obsessive materialism, of being overworked, of brokenness, loneliness, and all things that stand against You.

Lord, I have read Psalms 22:27-28. Thus by this I pray for all of Japan to bow before Your holiness; for each person to open his / her heart to receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior. May the Gospel take root in the lives of every Japanese person, replacing beliefs that do not come from You. Let mustard seeds of faith be sown far and wide by online messages, sending Your missionaries, or any way You desire to spread Your Word and glory. May the harvest of Your new and true followers in Japan be plentiful!

Dear Lord, please show me how I can also play my part for Your Kingdom. Fill my life with a passion to spread Your highest name across Japan and among my Japanese friends. I am Your humble and willing servant.

Thank You Father for hearing my prayers for Japan. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray, amen.”

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2. Prayer for Japanese Christians to spread the Gospel to other citizens.

Jesus in Japan

“Dear Father, thank You for blessing Japan with such abundance; a nation of rich culture, food, creativity, and all good things that come from You. I am grateful You have provided the Japanese people with so much for so long!

However, my heart grieves for the many who do not yet know Your Son, Jesus. Only a small handful of them have accepted him as the Savior from our sins. Yet, I trust you, Lord! You fed the multitude when You multiplied the five loaves and two fishes. Thus, I know You are more than able to use a mere few followers to multiply faith in You across all of Japan! As Luke 18:27 says, by our own strength, it is impossible, but with You, everything is possible.

Faith in the Gospel

Lord, I pray You will bless all current Japanese Christians with courage and wisdom.

Give every Christian in Japan the strength to boldly share the Gospel with their family, friends, and loved ones. May they preach Your great name both in and out of churches; let their lives be testimonies of Your holy greatness! I also pray for more Bible study groups to rise up, ushering in a new generation of Japanese worshippers who know, honor, and love Your name.

Dear God, may it be Your will to anoint more Japanese Christians to lift the spiritual veils from fellow citizens’ eyes. Help them make the nation see that believing in Christ is not just a ‘western faith’; it is Your way to eternal life! Lord, as You have shown us, I pray You will also reveal their sins to them. Not to condemn them, but to fill their hearts with the sincere desire to repent. As they draw closer to You, may You choose to also draw closer to them, in Your infinite mercy and love!

Thank You Father for hearing my prayers for Japan, and having mercy on those who do not yet know of Your goodness. In Jesus’ name I pray, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, amen.”

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3. Prayer for a personal Japanese friend to know Jesus.

Prayers for Japan 4

“Dear heavenly Father, I am so grateful You have brought <friend’s name> into my life. Thank You for giving us wonderful memories together. You have blessed us with so much joy!

Lord, because of <friend’s name>’s cultural upbringing, I know he / she has not had the chance to truly know Jesus. Please have mercy on him / her for his / her sins. Above all, I pray You will give me wisdom to discern how to best share the Gospel with him / her. All in Your timing and in Your way, not by my flesh!

Father, having a relationship with You, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit has been the greatest blessing in my life. With all my heart, I pray for <friend’s name> to also experience the same. In humility, I hope You will reveal Yourself to her with many signs and wonders. As You say in Psalm 139:1-6, You are a living God who truly knows him / her more than any other. Thus, I have faith You will speak to his / her heart in a way that makes him / her feel wonderfully known by You – and leaves no doubt. May he / she come to receive Your love and Christ’s eternal redemption!

By His holy name for the nations

In addition, please bless my friendship with <friend’s name> to always stay healthy and strong. I pray for many opportunities to exalt You to him / her, so that he / she may also surrender his / her life to Your glory.

Thank You heavenly Father for Your unfailing love and grace. In Jesus’ name, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, amen.”

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